Epoxy coating materials are quite common on the floors. Transparent epoxy, metallic epoxy and three-dimensional epoxy floor coating varieties such as this material, with abrasion resistance comes to the fore. Epoxy Table Types However, with the new production techniques, epoxy coating materials are more durable than aesthetics. One of the consequences of this effect is epoxy tables. In epoxy table production, wooden table must be produced first. The texture of the tree should be preserved during this production. Thus, an appearance compatible with epoxy can be obtained.

Epoxy Table Types

The advantage of epoxy tables is that it is a durable and aesthetic decoration material. Epoxy is a material which is used as insulation and adhesive and has high resistance to water, acid and heat. It has gained popularity in recent years with the changes in the furniture sector and original quality furniture styles. With the hardener added to the resin, the epoxy, which provides freezing in a certain period of time according to its structure, is a strong material that is hard to be damaged after it has freeze once.

After the epoxy casting is finished, the most important stages of production are sanding and polishing processes. These stages are the most important stages that determine the transparency and quality of the epoxy table.