Epoxy adhesive and epoxy paint materials, which are the most commonly encountered in floor coating systems, have recently been used in wooden tables and furniture. It can be used in all areas with its different appearance and impressive structure. Epoxy table construction is generally used in metallic epoxy paint. In this article, we will try to explain the best examples of epoxy tables and how to apply epoxy paint to furniture.

Epoxy coating materials are quite common on the floors. Transparent epoxy, metallic epoxy and three-dimensional epoxy floor coating varieties such as this material, with abrasion resistance comes to the fore. However, with the new production techniques, epoxy coating materials are more durable than aesthetics. Epoxy Table Models One of the consequences of this effect is epoxy tables. In epoxy table production, wooden table must be produced first. The texture of the tree should be preserved during this production. Thus, an appearance compatible with epoxy can be obtained.

Unlike normal tables, epoxy tables are quite remarkable and impressive. After filling the walnut table cavities, the entire surface of the table can be coated with epoxy if desired. Epoxy table is often used in stores and restaurants. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is preferred due to its hygienic and easy to clean structure.

Epoxy Table Models

The most important point in epoxy coating applications is to apply the materials correctly and wait for sufficient drying time. Epoxy table making is a process that requires patience. The table needs to go through various operations to reach the desired image. First, the table mold is removed. Walnut or oak can be used according to this pattern. Then the color and variety are determined according to the desired appearance. You can choose either transparent epoxy or metallic epoxy paint material. After the process is finished, all that is left is to wait for the epoxy table materials to dry and stabilize.