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Epoxy Table

Epoxy table, is a special design for you to cut the logs of trees with a specific pattern after carving is filled with aesthetic, solid material is produced with epoxy. Transparent or colored materials are also used in epoxy table production. In recent years, epoxy tables which are preferred by aesthetic lovers are made with […]

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Epoxy Table Models

Epoxy adhesive and epoxy paint materials, which are the most commonly encountered in floor coating systems, have recently been used in wooden tables and furniture. It can be used in all areas with its different appearance and impressive structure. Epoxy table construction is generally used in metallic epoxy paint. In this article, we will try […]

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Epoxy Table Types

Epoxy coating materials are quite common on the floors. Transparent epoxy, metallic epoxy and three-dimensional epoxy floor coating varieties such as this material, with abrasion resistance comes to the fore. Epoxy Table Types However, with the new production techniques, epoxy coating materials are more durable than aesthetics. One of the consequences of this effect is […]

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